Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Tap N Run Memphis has been cancelled. If you have already registered for the event, you will receive a full refund of your registration costs within the next 10-14 business days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Gumm at (502) 653-4944 or with any questions.

Oct 4, 2014    2:00 PM
300 Beale Street Memphis, TN
Category Chug By Date Price to Tap
Pre-Game Through 7/26/14 $40
Bar Star 7/27/14 - 8/30/14 $45
Fasionably Late 9/1/14 - 9/27/14 $50
Closing Time 9/28/14 - Race Start! $55
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Event Info
Upgrade My Beer
The Upgraded Beer Package for #tapSTL has officially SOLD OUT. But don't worry, you can still register and receive the Standard Beer Package. Online registration will be open until 10p on May 9, and after that you can register in person at our Packet Pick-up on May 10 from 10a-1:30p outside of Great Grizzly Bear!

Tap Responsibly
Tap 'N' Run is all about having a damn good time with your friends, family & selected randoms (yes, that's an oxymoron). You MUST be 21 years of age by race day to participate and all beer chugging is 100% optional (water will be available at all chug stations). All participants MUST have valid IDs available upon check-in which will be reviewed by law enforcement agents. No valid ID = no race.

Preparing for Tap 'N' Run
So you've registered, trained hard every Friday and Saturday (and hell, maybe even Tuesday) night, and come up with the best costume idea we've ever seen. What else is there?...

Tap 'N' Run Memphis is proud to announce that our host hotel for our event on October 4, 2014 is Crowne Plaza Memphis Downtown . Reservations can be made for October 3rd and 4th by clicking the link above and using the code: JAM which is already input for your reservation. All reservations must be made by September 3rd to guarantee availability. Reservations made after that cut-off date will be subject to availability and the most available rate.
JAM ACTIVE GROUP RATES: King Suite or Queen Double - $129.00

There are numerous garages and surface lots in downtown Memphis, so parking shouldn't be an issue. Click here for a map of all lots. Note: The race starts and finishes on Beale St between 3rd St and 4th St.

Spectator Viewing Areas
The route will start and finish on Beale Street, with the Chug Stations within short walking distance. This makes it easy for your friends and family to enjoy the Tap experience, even if they're not Tapping!

All participants must fill out an event waiver to participate. We'll have some paper waivers on hand at the race, but who really wants to deal with that on Saturday? Instead, make sure fill out the paper waiver and bring it with you to Packet Pick-up. CLICK HERE for the waiver.

After Party & Costume Contests
Immediately following Tap 'N' Run, JAM Active will host a crazy after party with hilarious contests near the Finish Line in Handy Park. Afterwards, all participants are encouraged to stick around and enjoy good times (plus more booze)!

  • Barely Breathing – You've made it this long because of your diehard commitment to beer, so why stop now! While we haven't seen any triple-digit participants yet, we've certainly had Tappers over the age of 98! Celebrate your old geezer-ness with Tap 'N' Run!
  • Belching Contest – Which one of you manly women (or womanly men) can burp the loudest and longest?
  • Best ….stache (Real & Fake categories) – An otherwise normal moustache that somehow manages to do nothing but make its owner look seedy.
  • Biggest Party – Simple, the biggest team (qualified by number of team members) will be crowned champions of the Beer World! (Note: 'Biggest Team' does not apply to the most number of drunk teammates or largest shit show…we know there may be plenty of these)
  • Celebrity Look-a-Like - From Britney Spears, to Will Ferrell, we've seen it all, but have we seen the best? Liquid courage brings out your alter ego, so fully dedicate your everything into becoming and looking like the celebrity! Walk the walk, talk the talk, we want to think a celebrity is REALLY at the race!
  • Drunken Spelling Bee - You think you can spell now? Wait until beer in involved!
  • Most Original Team Concept – Star Wars, Jabbawockeez, Dukes of Hazzard, Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure, The Beatles, Double Dare, American Gladiators, Barbie & Ken, Fun Dip Sticks, The Fratelli's, Space Balls, NBA JAM, Larry Bird's Celtics, INXS, Saved By the Bell…oh my you guys are going to have a good time with this category!
  • Most Original Team Name – No description needed, put your brilliant minds to work.
  • We Wear Short Shorts – Worn by runners because they are 'supposed' to make you run faster (note: these are not bikini bottoms, these are true shorts of all different shapes, sizes and colors…that are short, of course)

Think you have the costume or skillz to wow us? Make sure to stick around after the race for our Awards & After Party, when we'll crown winners in each category above.

Packet Pick-Up & Check-In
Every participant will need to pick-up their bib, t-shirt and other important information before the race begins at the designated Packet Pick-Up location. Packet Pick-up will take place on Friday, October 3rd from 3:00p - 7:00p at Fleet Feet Memphis located at 4530 Poplar Avenue Suite 102, Memphis, TN 38117. On race day, Packet Pick-up will take place from 11a-2:00p at Jerry Lee Lewis Café & Honky Tonk located on the corner of Beale Street and Handy Circle. Every participant will also need to have their ID checked before the race to receive a wristband allowing them to consume beer on the race route. No exceptions.

Race Waves
Beginning at 2:00 PM, Tap 'N' Run will begin with our first wave of 250-300 Tappers. We'll then wait about 5 minutes and send off a next wave of 250-300, continuing until all Tappers are finished. Our waves are informal, so you won't be assigned a race wave beforehand. Instead, show up at the race start time to the Start Line and we'll send you on your merry way. Note: make sure you show up at the race start time, as the last wave generally takes off 10-15 minutes after Wave 1.

Refunds & Credits
While we don't allow refunds for Tap 'N' Run, we do have a pretty nifty credit system that Tappers can take advantage of if you're not able to race after signing up. If you notify us (send an email to four weeks or further from the race date, you will be credited 100% of your registration fee. Notification two to four before the race equals a 50% credit. Anything closer to the date of the race is not eligible to receive a credit. Your credit for the original amount you paid will be kept on file and can be used for entry into any other JAM Active race for a period of 365 days. Additionally, race transfers can be made up until four weeks before the race. Within four weeks of the race, we cannot transfer a race registration.

We're here to party Rain or shine, but unfortunately Mother Nature can be a Bit** sometimes. If we can't tap, please don't be pissed. Due to the nature of the event, we unfortunately cannot reschedule the race nor can we offer refunds or credits in the event that severe weather forces us to cancel the event. There's a lot to consider; check out our list!

CLICK HERE for the plan.

Not wanting to race, but still wanting to be part of the fun? Volunbeer (see that? wordplay!) for Tap 'N' Run! We will have volunteer opportunities the day before and the day of the race. The day before the race, you will help with Packet Pick-Up by handing out T-shirts, timing chips, and race bibs. On the day of the race, there are opportunities to help with course setup, late registration and Packet Pick-Up, and at our Chug Stations handing out beer.

As a volunteer, you'll receive:
  • A JAM Active volunbeer t-shirt
  • Meal(s) while you are volunteering
  • Access to the event After Party/Awards
  • A free beer at the After Party
  • The best view in the house for all the Tap 'N' Run shenanigans

Without great Volunbeers, Tap 'N' Run wouldn't be possible! Shoot an e-mail to to sign up to volunteer.

Non-Profit Partners
Have any other questions about Tap 'N' Run? Shoot us a message at or give our offices a call at 1-888-204-4178.

Jeff Gumm
Event Planner